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Mustang! Many believe it to be the finest fighter of World War II. The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang was a long-range single-seat World War II fighter aircraft. Designed, built and airborne in just 117 days, the Mustang first flew in RAF service as a fighter-bomber and reconnaissance aircraft before conversion to a bomber escort, employed in raids over Germany, helping ensure Allied air superiority from early 1944. The P-51 was in service with Allied air forces in Europe and also saw limited service against the Japanese in the Pacific War. The Mustang began the Korean War as the United Nations' main fighter, but was relegated to a ground attack role when superseded by jet fighters early in the conflict. Nevertheless, it remained in service with some air forces until the early 1980s.

As well as being economical to produce, the Mustang was a fast, well-made, and highly durable aircraft. The definitive version, the P-51D, was powered by the Packard V-1650, a two-stage two-speed supercharged version of the legendary Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, and was armed with six .50 in (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine guns.

The Mustang has been used by many different air forces. That's a Cuban Mustang in the right-hand photo above, as used by Castro's rebels in the late 1950's.

Both sets of markings shown in the photos above are included on the downloadable decal file.


  • Length: 32 ft 3 in (9.83 m)
  • Wingspan: 37 ft 0 in (11.28 m)
  • Height: 13 ft 8 in (4.17 m)
  • Wing area: 235 ft² (21.83 m²)
  • Maximum speed: 437 mph (703 km/h) at 25,000 ft (7,620 m)

Source: Wikipedia

The Kit

Our 1:12 scale kit was designed by Dave Collins for CD-ROM brushless power. The kit is easy to build because it's constructed with an integral battery box and motor mount that becomes a part of the model's structure. The wing is a simple, fully-sheeted structure.

No plan is needed to build the simple structure of this model - just follow the step-by-step photo-illustrated construction manual and you'll have this model framed up and ready to cover in just a few hours.

Our Mustang kit is a short kit containing:

  • All laser-cut or router-cut wood parts needed to build the model:
    • fuselage formers and sides
    • wing ribs and spars
    • fin and rudder
    • stabilizer and elevator
    • cut lower skins for the wing
  • custom vacuum-formed clear plastic canopy
  • custom vacuum-formed cowl
  • construction manual

You can download decals directly from this page. We have two sets of decals in a single PDF:

  • P-51D USAAF C5-T "Hurry Home Honey", 364th Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force, flown by Capt. Richard Peterson over Europe in late 1944
  • F-51 FAR 401 of Castro's partisans, Cuba, 1958 to 1960

The kit is now shipping.

To order this kit, please go to the Kits page.

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Construction Manual v1.1 - December 2009
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