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Junkers Ju88

The Junkers Ju 88 was a World War II Luftwaffe twin-engine, multi-role aircraft. Among the most versatile planes of the war, it was used as a bomber, close-support aircraft, nightfighter, torpedo bomber, reconnaissance aircraft, heavy fighter, and even as a giant flying bomb in the Mistel project. The Ju 88 became one of the Luftwaffe's most crucial assets. There were 15,000 Ju 88s built during World War II.

Beta Kit by Dave Ottney

Dave Ottney built the beta kit at Ezone and powered it with two BP 21 motors from PencenAround R/C. Dave's model represents the A-4 version.

Flight Report

"Man does this plane fly nicely!!! Rock steady on a hand launch and rock steady in the air. I did a stall test (about 4 mistakes high) dropping the throttle back to 0 and applying full up elevator. It does drop its left wing pretty quickly when it reaches the stall. With the application of throttle it pulls out of the stall (almost spin) easily and continues flying. Landings are very easy though as it glides in under minimal power and remains responsive on the rudder and ailerons (just keep a little speed)."

[...]this is one fine flying plane. The BP21's provide tons of power and it handled a bit of wind (8-10mph with some gusts >12 or 15) with no problems. I spent most of the flight at 1/2-3/4 throttle. Heck I even rolled and looped it today. I know that's not bomber flying but I wanted to see what the performance was like. A stall test showed no snap this time. Landings are a real dream with the plane gliding in and skidding on the grass."

Alpha Prototype by Tom Jacoby

Our prototype is just about ready for its maiden flight. All that remains is to install the radio gear and fly it!

Our prototype is painted to represent the C-2 nightfighter version, since we were too pressed for time to do an A-4 splinter camouflage scheme.

The prototype is fitted with two Speed-400 motors, since it was designed before brushless motors became so affordable. It would be simple to build-in brushless motors.

Kit Info

  • Wingspan: 49.75 inches
  • Length: 36.125 inches
  • Area: 339 square inches
  • Power: 2 Speed-400 brushed or 2 BP21 brushless motors

Kit includes:

  • 22 Sheets of laser-cut balsa and ply by Manzano Laser Works
  • Vacuum-formed canopy
  • Vacuum-formed nose glazing
  • Full-size plans

NOTE: This is a short kit. The wood parts include laser cut lower wing skins, ribs, spars, fuselage sides and formers, gondola, nacelles, cowls. The builder will need to furnish additional 1/16" and 3/32" balsa sheet and strip, hardware, motors, spinners, batteries and R/C gear.

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