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de Havilland DH-103 Hornet F.Mk.3



Too late for WWII, the Hornet prototype achieved a speed of 485 MPH, making it possibly the fastest piston-engined propeller-driven aircraft of all time. The F.Mk.1 model entered production in 1944, and the F.Mk.3 model in 1948.

The Hornet was powered by twin 2,030 HP Rolls-Royce Merlins and armed with four 20 millimeter Hispano cannon, fitted under the nose. Top speed of the production aircraft was 472 MPH.

By 1950, the F.Mk.1 aircraft were declared obsolete, but in 1951 most of Fighter Command's F. Mk. 3 aircraft were dispatched to Malaya for use by the Far East Air Force to deal with the Communist insurgency there. Their long endurance gave them substantial loiter time over target areas, and they extremely accurate in cannon, bomb, and rocket strikes. Hornets - the last RAF piston-engined fighters to see operational service - were phased out in 1955.

The Kit

Our Hornet kit was designed by Dave Collins. It features fully-sheeted balsa construction with a bolt-on wing and bolt-on nacelles for easy access to the motors and aileron servos. The kit includes the parts necessary to build either an F.Mk.1 or F.Mk.3 aircraft.


  • Span: 39"
  • Area: 296 sq. in.
  • Weight: 30 - 32 oz
  • Power: 2ea 6-volt Speed-400 brushed motors with 6x3 or 6x4 props
  • Power: 2ea Mega 16/15/6 brushless with 7x5E APC props and 8-cell 1050KAN

The Plan:

Hornet Plan

Flight Report

Steve St. Martin built our de Havilland Hornet prototype. Here's Steve's report of the prototype's maiden flight on 10/14/2004:

"The AUW unfinished is 27.5oz. The SP-400's fly it well. Dives are fast but much speed is lost on the pull up to the verticals. Rolls were very scale-like. And, loops large and straight with no aileron input."

Here's Steve and his Hornet:

St. Martin's Hornet

Note - the canopy included in the kit is clear.

After flying the Hornet with 6 volt Speed 400 motors, Steve switched to /6 Mega brushless motors. Here's the report:

"Just returned from the field. Three flights on the Hornet. And all I can say is WOW! What a diff using the /6 Megas. All action stopped at the field on all flights. Low level straffing runs after a diving turn gave me an indication of what the opposition saw from the ground. Don't blame them for running.."

"You have a winner here. Even with the AUW at 34oz it was a dream. I have never had a twin fly so 'rock' solid."

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Free Downloads

Assembly Manual v1.2 - 27 Dec 2007 Marking Guide
Nacelle Skin Pattern
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